Our savory crêpes are made with buckwheat flour. They are gluten-free.

We use local products as much as possible and our menu changes regularly depending on the season.

The Classic

Seriously Sharp Cheddar, Ham, Spinach, Mustard Aioli or Sour Cream

Ferdies Fall Flannel

Goat Cheese, Bacon, Arugula, Maple Syrup

Sweet Summer

Brie, Honey, Arugula, Bacon

Winter Special

Roasted Potatoes, Raclette cheese, Salami, Sour Cream 

The Crêpese

Tomatoes, Basil, Mozzarella, Spinach, Pesto and Sun-dried tomato sauce


Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Arugula,Tomatoes, Pesto Mayo

The Sloshed Salmon

Smoked Salmon, White wine leek fondue


Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Red Onion, Capers, Lemon, Tomatoes

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